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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


It's an afternoon flux of time again, mounting next to this window in the kitchen has been my habit every sunset. This window is located at the sinker area. There is a work place for where you can sit there and see the outdoor contour of the road from the 5th floor of the apartment. From this glass sliding window, you can see the train station, the parking lot in front of it filled with cars as always, and a hotel. I love to see people during the work end time everyday. 

The buses and taxis are there waiting to be filled up , people are running across the byway to catch up the train on time, taxis' honking thier horn to fetch up passengers. Students are having a funny talk or teasing each other in one side corner. Busy hour for going back home is just   a sign that another day has passed by.

Again, i put a kettle with water for boiling to make a tea and reheated the bread or just take few cookies and carefully arrage them on a floral platter and reheat some msmen for my TEA TIME. While waiting the tea blends with the water, i get a glimpse again of the sun going down. The colors of the sky make an exciting feeling.

Way back home, i used to take soda drink but i got the use now of tea since a year. My tea time reminds me that days of working here is getting shorter and that i will be back home to see my family again soon.

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