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Thursday, 6 October 2011


I just want share with you this which happend a  year ago, it was my first day in Casablanca, Morocco. I was walking from the hotel where i stayed a night to the other affiliate hotel for a breakfast. Haha i was surprised then, i had to passed 2 blocks to get my breakfast...What a very warm welcome for me, anyway my hotel has no space for resto :)

I rolled in here to work as nanny. During this very 1st day i was very delighted and filled with wonders in my heart of what this new locale has to bid me. I am in the other side of the globe where home is with sun and here a moon. I left my funny crazy family but it icludes hope and lots of expectations for my own growth and space.

The first 3 months were heart-breaking,  sleepless nights, my head turns to nowhere, i didnt touch my food, my eyes were only set on the photos of my family. I thought then, i was ready, yes i did say that many times before, but from top to bottom, it's  really out of the way when you wheeze  a new hook of draw breath and people are not the same. It's like i came back to basic, face it now! adjustment is hard but i can and i did. As long as i have my blood everyday via internet, however,  there are many options to communicate with them.

Every once a while homesickness attack me and  these mediums are no longer a satisfaction especially when i see them on cam having fun without me, celebrating occasions without my pressence, i have lost hugs and kisses,  i have missed these times and as long as i'm away i will still miss those time of laughters. I said to myself, that's the price i need to pay for being away. I lost time with my family. What matters the most is that all is in good shape, everybody is healthy and no more worries at my side.

Days have passed by so fast and now, more a year here, i learned to speak the local language which is Moroccan Darija , i recognized the culture and values and i have been to many places. I took thousand of photos of everything from food to places to people to blah blah blah...So i created this blog to share the things i got here.  ( O . O )

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