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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


 As i keep on checking the city, i tranferred from Palmerie to Hotel Le Marrakech, a hotel affiliated by Marmara which located at the center of the background where you can find most of the european tourist enjoying the heat of the sun.  Hotel Le Marrakech at the time i went there was fully booked...i waited at the lobby to think whether to go back to Palmerie of get another room in the hotel near the souk. But luckily after half an hour the front desk informed me that there is available but a suiteone...ouchhh!!!! I asked if i can check on the room and i was allowed. I liked the room it's very nice and soothing, well, it is suite what else you can ask for :)

I did some photos to share, check on these :)

A colorful sofa and window glass will captivates your charm

The silverwares

                                              This is one of the souvineer shops inside the
                                                           hotel along the corridor

Some other treasures which attract the guests
Chest with traditional moroccan design

Put your small trash here

Where you can have coffee

Spiral stair

The view from the last floor

                                                               The bed in suite room

After having enlisted in this hotel i went out to see things around and enjoy the rest of the day, truly, Marrakech has many ways to entertain you. Amazing time of discoveries :)

                              You can rent this horse-drawn carriage
                              for touring around the cental avenue
                              surrounding the biggest Mosque in Marrakech

This is the Koutoubia Mosque, the tower you can
   see from anywhere near its circle

Ice cream???? It's everywhere here;)

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