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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


This month my boss will give to birth to a baby boy... her second child. I can imagine now how would it be having two birds under my wings when their parents will not be around to work. But the girl is already one year and five months...though she's so energetic now and loves to touch everything as part of her learning process and exploration, i will have to stretch my flexibility for taking care of them both. The second one will only stays in bed like sleep-bottle-diaper routine so i am confident that i will be able to keep my handling ability.

Here in morocco, having a baby is a much anticipated event, since i am in a quite long time of working in this family, i have gone visited several boss' friends who gave birth and i have seen one of  moroccan traditions even right in the clinic/hospital. It's the very first time i saw how they really welcome a baby and what they do to prepare for this exciting day.

Inside the clinic/hospital room where the mother is in recovery, there is one corner where you can see more than three displays of DRAGEE, picture a mother laying in the bed and next to her is the group of colorful chocolates coated candies in oval shapes, round and buttons, plus mini toys and other cute small items. Right now we have just finished some additional dragee...

These are the last nougat left from the first batch of packing. 

My boss bought these transparent mini clear bags from a party needs store, to make the bags more fancy she added a flower details in mint green and white and put dried colorful wood scrapes in it.

A common treat, these are butter nut. She prefered it to be like this than enclosing it with an item. The round beads in the middle is also edible, it's like candy.

I will post more when the baby comes out because i am sure there will be lots of itsy bitsy stuffs that will be displayed in the room and that's what i am waiting for.

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