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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I always have the time that me and my shadow in the room or just away from a crowd to resonate and do check my mobile's saved messages. I have this short message from a friend and i didn't delete it because it reminds me always that things will come along in the right time.

There are so much in the world that a man could zest with  to satisfy his mundanely needs...all the tangible substances make a man pleased. Admit it...though not all of it is posible to buy off. Until an inner happiness get to sealed your soul...these wanted tangible elements became just a part of the full-length image of existence.

Within the reach as we could, there is nothing seems to be wrong about wanting something that we really flare-up as long as it will not in any condition dish out an adverse fallout to others. Supposing that you really desire of something for your self or for the next...and that object seems to be out even more like a pie in the sky, you should never feel abandoned....just believe in HIM. 

As what i have spelled out, this sms from a friend nourishes my doubts and filled me light at end of tunnel that the pieces i ever want will be given to me like a leaf fell in front of me perceptibly. The BIBLE is really alive candid words of GOD's promises. 

I believe HIM...The power of His words always come out on top. 

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