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Friday, 4 November 2011


I'm a bit emo at the moment...it's raining outside and so windy. I am browsing my photos and this photo of the tree interests me to post this song by my favorite local  band named River Maya. 

20 million diamonds crown the sky tonight 
Silence for two lovers’ everything 
They tell me whispering’s a virtue, and holding hands’ their game 
‘This cold, it’s cold 

And as I watch the candle (burn/turn) this night (away/to day) 
My life collects another yesterday... 

lennimirisola photo

Alone in the darkness, I am waiting for the one 
While lovers wait for the sun, lay I Waiting for the one. 

Stalk the streets do lovers in this town tonight 
20 million heartbeats holding hands 
For them, it’s darkness that’s most precious, 
but tell me who can I embrace? 
The cold? That's there no one to hold... 

Who’ll light the darkness with her name, 
heal this blackout pain 

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