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Saturday, 5 November 2011


I still had the strong backlash of the overnight cold. My body is still in a bleak even i am well covered.  Since i have started writing there's a part of it that i can't just ditch out. No wonder...i am lovin' it....i'm crazy. I love to read people thoughts and it makes me entertained. I stayed so late that i could hear a neighbor's trips to bathroom and even counted it. I am such a night owl now but i have no regrets. I'm feeding my mind and i radically nurturing my soul especially when i get to read those writings with spiritual twists that makes me more snared. And right now what am i doing...finding myself at the corner of the room with only the computer light in front of me. Once in a while i go to the kitchen to dig up some munchies and check on the road from the window. All is wet still.

One thing i fleetly profited about publishing....not the money but i began to get friends everywhere, the best of it is that people has been much forthcoming on my writs in this form.


that's me! Cris Guco said...

I Follow youu!

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Dolly said...

fashionable baby on this blog!
Dolly, xo
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