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Thursday, 6 October 2011


                                                               Marrakech Train Station

From a 3 hour train travel from Casa, yes at last i have arrived at almost 5 pm, the station is big, filled with shops and air-conditioned, i tell you now the weather here in Marrakech is warm and dry among other  domeneering citified here, Marrakech is important in Morocco, why?   because it is a tourist anchorage especially during summer season, It's called THE RED CITY as every buildings you see here even houses are painted in Red. Another thing i noticed here is that the avenues are uncluttred,  the natives of this red captivating burghal love for gardens and landscapes are the ones that will gladly recieve you and tote you a  n excitability that you are fondle at once from a long travel. There are many selection of hotels from three to five star label and hotel appartments where guest have their own kitchen with complete untensils and equipments to cook on your own. So you dont have to worry of where you will stay but if you plan to come here for holidays, you might as well consider to book a month before your arrival because of the unavailability instances.  Hotel appartments are very common here and that's where i stayed because of the 2 reasons,  first,   i need to cook my food, remember the food here is different than what we eat in my country,  its a sudden new switch to me that i need to unhurriedly enter upon,  next, i am under financial plan. I am in a manner of loot familiarization here until the last beans hill. The allocation i have needs to be stretched until the last day of my swinging around before i begin my work.

I took a petit taxi to go to the hotel, i have noticed that the taxi has diffent color, its brown, in casa its red. They have taxi color pegging maybe for straightforwarding city you are in and i find it cool. On the way to the hotel appartment, i got through the center of the city, a wow! it displays the  culture of this country like they are really promoting the city and i was really enticed with what i have seen.

Half an hour by taxi, i have reached the hotel reception to have me listed.

         Palmerie Village, Residence Marrakech

This famous village path is filled with palm tress, olive groves, cactuses and many different flower bearing trees  is truly a splendid lay away from the shadow of busy schedules. Designed to unwind with nature and relaxation for the family. The room is well furnished, clean, and just a walking gap to the pool. I find it like  nature trekking on the grounds of landscape with greens and colorful flowers along the way. Under the heat of  the sun ranging to 46 deg the time i went there, what a perfect time to splurge into the water.

I woke up early the next day because of this sound coming from bird which i thought is very close to my window, i was up not because it annoys me but i want to see what variety of bird its was, and i found out its coming from a pigeon. I never heard a sound like that before so i was thinking that it could be a bird of another kind and i wanna see it.  I love when pigeon does that kind of sound. Its soothing for me :).

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