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Thursday, 6 October 2011


 I had my very first travel on the same day after i took my breakfast. I went to this city down south east...a Red City they have labelled it. The photos you see here were taken from a moving train of course, but i was surprised that it all came out good, thanks for the tracking option :) I went to MARRAKECH, a 3 hour drive from Casa plus a bonus of back pain during a long hours of sitting down. Taking a train is very cheap way to go to this famous city.

I splurged my eyes with the wondrous view during the sleeky ride, there are numbers of empty terrains, rocky mountains, bushes of cactuse tree, and glad i found group of greens. I thought everything was just a rock alone and dry terrains, hmmmm...but it was somehow a loosen up jiffy with a cloudy sky :) Inside the train was more than a big find, i was busy with my clicks from a clear window side seat and i didnt get to see what's inside the vessel. There was a group of voyagers from different states of America and Europe, we all coerced to Red City for a holiday. These people talked over another the lock stock and barrel of the city with  a guide book in their hands....it was a long travel i could eat a horse but i got only a sandwich :)

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