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Thursday, 6 October 2011


                                          Date fruit

In my room at Palmerai village this tree caught my attention that i could almost reach this fruit by grabbing it by hand  which before i didnt know that i have already seen this from the stores here and in the street side vendors, i was thinking it's just maybe a flower soon to be blossomed. I asked someone who happend to be the staff of the hotel about this tree that is oviously loaded with green fruit, and i was told that it is the DATES which is very important food here. People said it  gives you energy for the whole day and also it helps you to not be sick because of the nutrients in it, someone also said its a fruit  with  high carbohydrate content and rich in fiber plus vitamin and mineral. In the market this fruits appear in boxes or you can buy it per kilograms.

Personaly, i have tasted one but i didnt like it, a bit after learning the facts about this fruit, i began to eat it like twice a day or so. I buy some and i put it in the fridge so i can latch on to one anytime. Here in Morocco, this fruit is very precious like it has even its own count t for the marriage ritual. A marrying couple feed each other with this as part of the ceremony. Much so, it always a stake on that table during ramadan, its the first food most of the people chew during IFTOR time to regain back thier energy lost out of abstaining food all along the day.

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