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Friday, 14 October 2011


I love to eat this so i learned to make it by myself, it is a moroccan flat bread which before i indentified as their local pancake, funny me :) so far, i didnt have any disaster on making it because it was very easy to do.
You too can try this and when you start munching, this pancake  brings you in Morocco virtually. Msmen is a variety of Raigf that you can make even you don't have oven because it is basically one of the many kinds of Moroccan treats being cooked by frying. It is good to eat with spreads such as butter and honey, it blends well on the taste buds :) or you can put a spread you prefer like chocolate, straberry or cheese. Yummy.

Here's how to do it in case you like to try :)
  • Put 4 cups of all purpose flour in food processor, add small spoonfull of salt, add right     amount of water for making the dough turns, when you see that the dough becomes elastic and kneadable then get and put in on an oiled flat surface so that you can knead it a little more and make 8 pieces sausage like shape but you don't need a perfect shape ok, just divide it. Then oil each dough well and let  it rest with cloth cover for about 30 to 45 minutes.      
          Note: While the dough turns in processor and you might notice that it becomes sticky so       you need add flour. If the dough gets hard then add water


  •  Melt half stick of butter and 3 tablespoon of oil. The dough has to be soft and    manageable, stretch  each of it but try not to tear it and flatten it by hand. As you work on each dough,     damp an  oil-butter mixture on it and sprinkle with semolina in  same time.
  • Roll the dough like when you roll a paper, then get the end of the dough and put it in the center      like locking it. Using just hand press the dough to make a round shape.
  •  Heat a heavy pan or skillet and cook the dough for 5 minutes on each side. Do not put oil on the                     pan as the dough is already oiled. Do not overcooked hard and crunchy and you cannot fold it when you put spread on it.

Enjoy it with tea, coffee or juice. The process seemed difficult but its not. And almost everyday i make MSMEN or MELOUI for breakfast or tea time and whenever there is some left, i put them in the freezer and reheat it for the next time. 

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