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Thursday, 6 October 2011


I was going to an etihad airline office in Casa but on the second thought i bugged out to simmer down here, haha, i was lost and it was late to go there anyway beneath  the blitz  hour closing time. I didnt want to take a taxi ,meddling  i could just be there by walk and a map i have checked before leaving the hotel seemed so friendly.  But things went wrong, it was very hard to find this avenue with zigzag-y-s way. Whew! i still remember it was around 3 in the noon and the only way really to get there is by taxi. I thought i can make it. Silly me! So i said to myself..."i'll just go there 2m". So what i did was, i went to this park on the way to cool down a lil bit because it was a perfect sunny day so i got these sweat drops. I enjoyed this green shady area named Park de la league arab. I stayed for half an hour there and went to this old but still humming amusement park beside it. After i saw few old rides,  i left and went back to the hotel, but again i saw this bunch of flowers at the Place de nation unies so i had another photo taken there.  ( O . O )

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