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Saturday, 8 October 2011


This happened last year at the beginning of my days here in Morocco :)

Still in Palmerie, my tummy makes sound like a starving lion grawwwling on its prey, i digged up my bag for something to munch with but nothing, i opened the fridge i found only empty shelves and i was so hungry that i could eat a whole elephant. I had no other options but to go out the hotel and look for a grocery so i stood up and off i went. It took 10 more minutes by walk to reach the main entrance of the village. That was the time i remember i have no car and the way to go to the supermarket is a whooping number of kilometers, wait! il get taxi...almost an hour have passed and no cab! this is not really happening...i buzzed the reception to ask for for a service,  even almost kneeling down to let me ride the shuttle to go to the supermarket but it's out of the policy, instead they're just handed me a reference to the mini store close the village and i got so irritated more because this store is less than a kilometer and a half away when i thought i can tolerate it. No way!

Go there or not, but i need to eat! I can't knock on neighbor's door to ask for food. I dont know them anyway. Then i bugged out  under the heat of the sun of 45 deg, I'm loosing energy. I felt so dizzy and scared. I was actually walking on a palm yards and nobody wants to give me a free ride. I cannot breath, my mouth went very dry. I perspired a lot and felt cold. Sunrays seemed to be slicing my skin eventhough i applied sun protection, the small towel i put on my head was not enough to ease the warm weather. All i see around me is palm tress, dry grasses and cactuses...I was wearing a flip flop and i pity my feet, it was dumpy filled with dust and dried. But thanks my Lord im seeing the signage and i was in the grocery in a minute.

Still close! no dont tell me that! i waited on the bench outside praying they will open in soonest time which happend fast.So blessed.  Food! So happy i got my food! hahaha!

Lesson i have learned: buy food first before going to this hotel because there's  no taxi.
Wonder why i didnt go to resto? it's because at this time it was Ramadan...

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Ta said...

Not having a way to get around is the worst! I'm glad you got food. There is nothing worse than that feeling.

thehootingmind said...

hello Ta thanks for dropping by lol thats just a crazy experience i got lol :)

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