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Friday, 7 October 2011



I hate the kitchen when it's friday...here in Morocco eating  couscous in particular every friday has been a habit. Friday is praying day for Allah's follower and people is having a long break from work. Lastyear, i have tasted this dish which  firstly i have graded two out of ten, i never saw this kind of tummy filler before and maybe really i never get the use to eat it, the way it is being prepared, hoooosssss!!!!!!!!!!!! it has many procedures and messy but since I'm living here in Morocco, no way but to fondle this cuisine...at the end i begun to like it but i hate to prepare it. =)

Couscous is a traditional dish staple on Moroccan table with many combination of veggies on top and meat like chicken, beef or lamb. The couscous grain is made from semolina wheat and said to be the healthiest grain goods. It is also known in Europe and South America where the recipe varries.

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