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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


          dog's paw

My family has a a genuine love for dogs. I can't remember how many dogs we had from the past, way back when i was young. We used to own furry dogs before we named him magic and bubbles. They're were very sweet and trainable like you just do some dog tricks and they can follow. 

 Magic is a male black japanese spitz and bubbles is a female white with some black spots on her back and face.   They have uncommon attitude towards stranger but they're both love to be caressed and they're so playful. We loved them so much that there were times that we sleep with bubbles beside us on the bed. She's so quiet, she loves being hugged and carried everywhere. One thing i remember was you just tap up your lap and she will jump off on it and stay for as long as you keep seated. She even sings with our wall clock every hour reminder tone. Magic was one tough playful arf arf, he enjoys running around the house like he never stop roaming and snip everywhere like hunting for something. He pulled strongly his chain when you walk  with him out, he's crazy sometimes. 

Having furry dogs is a high maintenance deed. each time they move you'll see the traces of the fur everywhere.    My mom gives them a bath three times a week to keep them huggable all the time and to prevent their fur from sticking up together. My mom trims the fur on their eye area, buys powder to get rid of pleas and cut their nails. They should always stay on glooming do's such as exercise, health and training (though, we never did proper one).

Dogs are only one of the many possible stress busters that later became part of the family who enjoys with them because the bonding develops in each day. 

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