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Monday, 31 October 2011


This music clip gave me much and enough desire for wall coverings. Oh la la! since i saw this video almost everyday in the music top chart program, i'm all eyes on it not because of the song score but the colorful and stylish variance of WALLPAPER at the background. 

So then my left hemisphere has been on the process on what could be the best cover for the wall. I will be having a color frame-up for the living room and bedroom. I am still visualizing if i go basic or opt for the ones with designs on it. 

The living room is the pearl part of the house since you recieve guest here and its the first spot of the house from the main door, this place is always a gathering area so it should be adaptable and the color must be well chosen to blend with the moods, so i would stick up a cover in yellow shades like the following:

Or i go to shades of orange...its lively and dispense a positive whim which creates an exultant backdrop. I have jot down this color as one of the best. Hmmmmm.

For the bedroom, i prefer it very passionate...and i can't think of  any other color than red. I love crimson red. This tint will add lots of love antics to the couple's intimate lair. 

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