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Monday, 24 October 2011


Working in Morocco opened the door of the country's deep rich old and well- kept tradition. Last March i had the premier experience of the moroccan aesthetism as i attented a boss' niece baptism with all these wonderings in my mind of how they do it here. Morocco is occupied by Allah aside from that, i wanted to witness the richness of this country in tradition just like what i have read from the net.

 A baby girl was born, a second grandchild...the first niece of my host and the entire family and friends were anticipating the gathering soon in a maximum two weeks after a baby arrived. It's one tradition here in Morocco that once a baby is out...baptism should be done not later than two weeks or three.

So by this time, i have experienced the Moroccan party from baptism of the baby to food until the very bits of the details in their traditional dress..

I am wearing CAFTAN, a Moroccan traditional dress for women which still dominates every gatherings and i  have been smitten with this conventionalities because they have kept thier tradition like a well molded gold bar that reflects their genuine love for thier upbringing. They never fail on this part, though, contemporary clothing has been a part of the modern day living, still, they keep the dress always an irremissible clothes to wear in every occasions.

Caftan has made me a princess even only for the half of the day. This dress is one of the tresures of Moroccan women aside from the sparkling jewels of gold and colorful stones they put on with it. I have learned the delicate manual detail making of the dress until the way you carry it when you are on the go. Because i am not originated from here and was not even got used to this long doubled dress i have put on, i felt uneasy and sweat a lot. But i loved it like the way i adore the victorian dresses.

Here is one example of a very Moroccan dress and as you see the golden details, it was carefully made by hand so there will not be anymore doubts why a dress has to take more than two weeks or three in the making even for a kid.

The ceremony started in the morning but when we arrived a little late and still lucky to have a breakfast still set on the table and my eyes belched from  the different bread and pastries being served.

These are the moroccan salad which you can eat with bread. Just dip a piece of bread or you can eat this salad alone.

My first thought was a silver big bell, i saw maybe six of this at one corner of the kitchen but i didnt know that there was something inside to eat. I thought these were just maybe to use for the party like a material to use for the rest of the ritual.

But i was surprised...when the waiter lifted up the top of this bell-like thing...a very tasty delicious PASTILLA boasted my taste buds right in front of me and then it was cut up for serving.

I filled up my tummy with the pastilla but this meat has been served and i didnt know how i could munch it more, anyway i just took a little just to have it tasted.

Ofcourse! in Morocco a TEA is a must and part of the culture. Tea during the meal is good to melt down food and sooth the digestion. A cup serving gave me a space for the final and my favorite part....the DESERT.

Either you take ice cream cake or care for some fresh fruits. I took both haha!

After the meal...then time to take the dance floor...time to dance! sing! laugh! and dance! and sing and dance! And in between those...a waiter again comes up to you serving you cookies and mini cakes with natural fruit juices of lemon, orange and straberry...

I had enough for my very first moroccan living background.

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