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Friday, 21 October 2011


                                                                                                           credit to LOZ TAYLOR

I had a minute of rest and my eyes were penetrating this glass window with a clowdy sky outside, it was sunny but windy. I opened it by sliding it partially to have a cold wind gently caress by face and let it dry some facial sweats running down my neck. What a relief when you do that especially when you close your eyes since you let the wind brushes every strand of your hair...a natural massage for the mind. The sudden feeling of calm brought me to another compass of future realm. 

There i am walking to greeny field...so quiet...that all you can hear is the sound of the wind rushing through the knee length grass. Then i lay down in one corner, put my two hands underneath my neck and slowly set my eyes to the clear blue sky. Whooshhh...woooshhh there the wind blows like a soothing musical tone...a sweet lullaby for a blameless mindful of wishes.

Life is too good to not enjoy every seconds' tik. But wait, i found myself again like sitting on a bamboo raft...half of my hand under a cold clear water with birds humming around. I turned my head and the sun rays slipping through the trees are flashing like a sharp reflection of prism crystal. The water flow beats the burden in my heart and brushes off the bad elements of my thinking; As i hear the rapid wild waterfall near to, my heart beats came to an increasing intensity...I will go out through this fall...another way to clear out completely. 

As i passed through the cold waterfall with all of me dripping, i stood up and squeezed my hair and smiled. I felt like i am renewed. Sometimes it is very sweet to have a little daydream, own a single moment. It connects you to a greatness tranquility which steer you out of the maddening daily chase. A simple way everybody can do anytime. The better alternative to freshen up the mind.

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