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Sunday, 22 January 2012


My mind is into knitting recently, how would i do that when even a basic step to shape up a scarf haven't occupies my knowledge. But i am chapint at the bit knack of  at this time,  because living in a country with  a Jack frost  fueled much of me to engage on this thing. 

Before the cold sizzles i had my pre winter shopping to get me ready for it, and i found out that a not so nice scarf cost a lot of penny, though, its very simple piece to wear. I always go for a wool winter must have bcause this kind of fabric really warms body during cold winter times.

I have realized from checking out the prices of a simple scarf that i can do such things on my own, besides, i can even make maybe designs i fancy. So i tuned to youtube for a basic knitting steps.

As i continue my day by day run through, i am planning to make this to protect my head.

And this to cover my neck area, i am scarf addict so i am positive to knit more with varieties of colors that will also go great with what i wear.

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