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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I found a very old small piece of paper. It was stained with sludge and the corners were shattered by roaches. This musty paper belongs to a trash, but wait…there’s something written on it that I needed to map it over a penlight. Here’s what in it:

Music touches feelings that words cannot
It is the melody of the heart
The voice of the spirit.

Some music causes me to dream
Some music inspires me to create
Some music causes me to think of the past.
Some music helps me to plan the future.

When I am with you
All music moves me to love
You know I love music.
( O . O )


Anonymous said...

cute poem its very inspiring :)

anya said...

hi, this poem is nice, it is true that music and people always go together

thehootingmind said...

hello anya thank you for the message, glad to know you like it.

anya said...

no problem my dear, just so happend i was just sufing the net and i found your blog, your blog is very nice, i will visit this often, i like your posting, keep it up

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