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Thursday, 29 September 2011


An expression of gratitude, it is simple sweet spiel even a lil ones could. It's very complex. A 2 word that makes you feel more valuable either it's you who say it or you get it. But, this word is forgotten  at an indefinit time maybe because of some reasonable roll out. There's almost maybe a hundred different laguages of TY you can check it out on your own. It's fun learning this word in many ways :)
          SAY " THANK YOU" TO :
    1. GOD, for all the blessings
    2. FAMILY, for love-support-inspiration-values- they've given you.
    3. FRIEND, for shoulder to lean on-secrets sharing and funs 
    4. LOVE, for intimacy
    5. ENEMY, for knowing her/him more
    6. JOB, for your salary to pay your bills etc.
    7. BOSS, for hiring you
    8. INTERNET, for keeping you connected 
    9. PET, for relaxation
    10. ME, for posting this  :)

       ( O . O )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yes thank you that is so nice of you

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